Think of Ten Things

Elevate your institution with the Think of Ten Things Workshop, helping youth and adults alike unlock their passions and start building towards a career (and life) where they do what they love.

Embark on a transformative journey with Sami Ghawi, the mastermind behind Think of Ten Things, an exhilarating and interactive workshop that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of personal development. Imagine a session where your students discover the essence of their passions, unraveling the threads that naturally ignite their enthusiasm for life.


What Do YOU Love?

Think of Ten Things is more than just a workshop; it’s a profound exploration into the realms of individuality and intrinsic motivation. At FUSIONpresents, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of Think of Ten Things on aspiring artists and business professionals. This isn’t your typical self-discovery exercise; it’s a roadmap to uncovering personal passions that set the stage for unparalleled growth.


Dream, Define, Pursue

Think of Ten Things transcends traditional workshops by guiding participants through an honest self-reflection process. It’s not just about discovering passions; it’s about sculpting a future that resonates with one’s true self. Imagine your students gaining clarity not only on their personal development but also on the communities and industries they’re destined to be part of.


Ignite a Path of Self Discovery

Think of Ten Things isn’t a one-time affair—it’s a journey to be embraced whenever the spark of self-discovery is needed. Imagine your institution becoming a hub for empowered individuals making life-altering decisions based on a deep understanding of what truly excites them. Think of Ten Things empowers participants to define who they are, what they’re naturally passionate about, and envision a life surrounded by the things they love.


Access Your Well of Energy

By aligning with their genuine passions, participants access a natural well of energy. Picture your campus buzzing with enthusiasm, a vibrant community engaged in pursuits that align with their intrinsic motivations. Think of Ten Things isn’t just a workshop; it’s a catalyst for cultivating a deep, effortless willingness to be fully present and immersed in the pursuits that matter most.


The Exercise That Started it All

Sami Ghawi brings a unique blend of energy, expertise, and charisma to the Think of Ten Things experience, the exercise that started his journey with FUSIONpresents over 20 years ago! Speaking from absolute conviction in the lifetime benefits of Think of Ten Things, Sami’s facilitation transcends the ordinary, creating an environment where participants not only discover their passions but also feel inspired to pursue them.

Transform your academic institution into a beacon of inspiration by bringing Sami Ghawi and the Think of Ten Things Workshop to your campus. Empower your students and faculty to unlock their full potential, guiding them towards a future where passion and purpose intertwine.


What our clients say about us

"From the moment I met Sami, I could see that he was a very dedicated and passionate artist, entrepreneur, and mentor. When he presented to our classes as a professional guest speaker, he shared his personal career and educational journey, introduced the music entertainment services offered at FUSIONpresents, and how he has inspired hundreds of artists throughout the years. From the beginning to the end of his presentation, he successfully engaged all the students and was able to draw out their artistic talents and interests. Many of the students expressed an interest in pursuing careers in the music industry, and Sami not only encouraged them but also provided some expert advice on how to proceed, succeed and get results. "
Caroline Johnston
Reboot Plus, Douglas College
"I have seen Sami take a group of teenaged strangers all playing different instruments with different musical backgrounds from classical to rock and using his kindness, humour, and some serious know-how, had them playing together and sounding amazingly good in the space of 15 minutes. He breaks down musical theory into understandable chunks and makes them immediately applicable. He is capable of guiding and shaping artists to have real careers in the music world."
Christina Campbell
City of Surrey

Ready to Revolutionize Your Academic Landscape?

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