Basement To Stage

Our Basement to Stage youth development workshops go beyond notes and chords to foster teamwork, leadership and a passion for collaboration.  Empower the next generation through the universal language of music!


Team Building: Learn how to work harmoniously with peers.
Stage Setup Mastery: From setting up a stage to handling a full backline.
Jam Sessions: Nurture creativity through the art of musical collaboration.

Why Choose Us

Expert Facilitators

Our experienced team guides kids through a transformative musical journey.

Hands-On Learning

Practical skills that extend beyond music – setting the stage for life success.

Community Impact

Inspire local youth while fostering a love for music.

Track Record


What our clients say about us

"As a manager responsible for growing arts programs across the City of Surrey, finding community partners like FUSIONpresents is invaluable. Sami and his team bring together industry expertise, empowering teaching methods, and a passion for sharing the power of music to connect young people. I am happy to continue working with FUSIONpresents to grow Basement To Stage at our Clayton Community Centre facility and other facilities across Surrey."
Kim Drabyk
City of Surrey, Clayton Community Centre
"I have seen Sami take a group of teenaged strangers all playing different instruments with different musical backgrounds from classical to rock and using his kindness, humour, and some serious know-how, had them playing together and sounding amazingly good in the space of 15 minutes. He breaks down musical theory into understandable chunks and makes them immediately applicable. He is capable of guiding and shaping artists to have real careers in the music world."
Christina Campbell
City of Surrey

Join us in creating a symphony of skills and camaraderie.

Elevate your community’s youth development programs with our unique and impactful workshops.

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