For over 20 years, FUSIONpresents (FP) has been dedicated to helping artists do what they love through quality music education and professional artist development, mentorship and management services. Through our developed artists, we also help venues & organizations provide value to their customers through our quality live music & dj entertainment and creative audio & video content services. Since our inception in 2002, we’ve had the privilege of mentoring and developing hundreds of artists, organizing thousands of live music shows, and delighting hundreds of thousands of audiences. Learn more about our artist development and creative services!

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Looking For Love

by Apartment1109 feat. Khyla (2022)

I Wanna Be Cool

by Apartment1109 feat. Khyla (2021)

Which Way Is Up

by David Symons (2020)

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FUSIONpresents offers quality music lessons, live entertainment, live bands, live band karaoke, guitar lessons, piano lessons, music theory lessons, music production lessons, jingles, artist development, independent A&R services, Vancouver’s best live music, music jams, corporate entertainment, and private music entertainment.