Artist Development

For years, FUSIONpresents has been mentoring and helping develop aspiring artists, musicians and producers. It all starts with understanding what the artist wants, and we take it from there, helping them define short, medium and long term goals and setting up challenges and milestones to work towards.


Basement to Stage

So you love to play music… But are you good enough to get yourself on stage in front of a crowd of people, capture their attention for over 2 hours and leave them yearning for more? We’ll help you get there, from building your musical abilities and song repertoire to rocking out on stage.

Development sessions include:


It's All About the Fish

Lots of people are born with incredible talents, but often they don’t know how to market those talents to the right audiences. We help artists build those talents into services and products that fulfill needs. In fact, the first thing we explain to every new artist we work with is “You are a business that offers the service of entertainment and the product of songs.”

As such, artists need to build a business around their talents, from defining the who, what, where, when and how their products and services could be consumed. To drive that concept home, we use the analogy that the fisherman always goes to the fish.

Development sessions include:


Private Music Lessons

Whether you have dreamed about playing music your whole life but never got to it or want to take your playing to the next level, we’re here to help, and we’ve made it super easy for you to get the most out of our sessions with you.

Private Music Lessons include:


Song Development

Original content is the key to success in the music industry. We help you, the artist, capture your ideas and develop your songs to both perfectly reflect who you are and connect with your target audience. Remember, “It’s all about the fish.”

We help aspiring artists develop their original songs through the lens of the FUSIONpresents Hit Quadrant, our analysis tool for how great songs affect us. Every aspiring artist receives our FP Hit Quadrant Assessment Sheet and formula. Development sessions include analyzing lyrics, melodies, chords, arrangements, productions, and most importantly, intent and how effectively that message is communicated.

Development sessions include:


Ready to take your artistry to the next level?

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What our clients say about us

We highly recommend Sami and FUSIONpresents to anyone who is interested in developing their child's or own musical potential.
Dr. Carlos Tesler-Mabe & Dr. Karin Kemeny
We have found Sami to be a very compassionate and understanding coach. His love of music and teaching is evident in the manner he approaches his students.
Sujatha Menon