Song Development

Original content is the key to success in the music industry. We help you, the artist, capture your ideas and develop your songs to both perfectly reflect who you are and connect with your target audience. Remember, “It’s all about the fish.”


Song Writing

Through the FUSIONpresents Song Development Program, we help aspiring artists develop their original songs through the lens of the FUSIONpresents Hit Quadrant, our analysis tool for how great songs affect us. Every aspiring artist receives our FP Hit Quadrant Assessment Sheet and formula. Development sessions include analyzing lyrics, melodies, chords, arrangements, productions, and most importantly, intent and how effectively that message is communicated. Fill out the form below to book a Song Writing Development Session!



Song Arrangement

Songs come in various shapes and sizes, from acapella to symphony orchestra supported operas. As mentioned in our Song Writing Development, the most important element to any song is intent – what is the song, or rather, what is the artist, trying to say. A “song” is something that an artist “sings”, therefore first understanding the artist’s message and emotions are key. The song’s arrangement then exists to support and enhance this message. Once the message is understood and a succinct song structure is built, we help aspiring artists use Logic X to explore different instrumentations that could enhance the emotional journey of the song. Fill out the form below to book a Song Arrangement Session!


Demo Production

Once an artist defines their song’s lyrics, melody and basic arrangement, the next step is to produce a workable demo. Using Logic X, we help the artist first define the song’s groove, tempo, time signature and key and start layering the basic foundations of the song, including (if needed) drums and rhythm, guitar, piano and bass. From there, we add our midi instrumentation for strings, keys, and other instruments needed to enhance the song’s message. Finally, the artist adds a demo vocal take (with harmonies if desired). By the end of the process, the artist will have a workable demo song that they can sit with and listen to, fortifying what they like and don’t like before entering their professional studio sessions with studio musicians and engineers. Demo Production is a fundamental step in realizing the goal of a song and ultimately saving the artist lots of money in a pro studio because they know exactly what they want going in.


Pro Studio Recording

FUSIONpresents prides itself on its incredible pool of talented musicians and collaborators, all of whom are available for hire for studio recordings. Our talented music professionals are experts in the following music instruments: Piano, Keys, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Drums, Percussions, Trumpet, Saxophone, Violin, Cello and others.

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