In addition to the numerous free mini-lessons that we post daily and weekly across our various social channels, we offer private & small group lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. Our teaching method, developed over 25+ years, is a practical approach to learning piano and guitar, with a focus on understanding the basic fundamentals of music, ear-training and playing. Our goal is to develop our students to the point where they can listen to their favourite songs and easily play chord progressions and melodies. With these skills, they will also be able to jam and improvise with other musicians, play live in front of audiences and maybe even write their own songs! It all starts with understanding the basics of music and building from there. We’ve helped hundreds of students learn how to play, and we are committed to sharing our knowledge with many many more!


Private Music Lessons

  • All lessons conducted virtually though Zoom.
  • Using our ATEM Mini Pro, we provide students with 4 HD camera angles of how to play their instrument (front, left, right, aerial)
  • Lessons can be recorded for students’ future reference
  • FP Music Theory Handbook given to all students
  • Weekly in lesson and homework exercises to build skill levels
  • Monthly “FP Music Quizzes” conducted to gauge development areas
  • Quarterly “FP Progress Reports” given to parents and students
  • One-on-One lessons and Group Lessons (Max 4 students) available
  • 1/2 hour and 1 hour lessons available for all skill levels



How our students feel about us

“From the moment I met Sami, I could see that he was a very dedicated and passionate artist, entrepreneur, and mentor. When he presented to our classes as a professional guest speaker, he shared his personal career and educational journey, introduced the music entertainment services offered at FUSIONpresents, and how he has inspired hundreds of artists throughout the years. From the beginning to the end of his presentation, he successfully engaged all the students and was able to draw out their artistic talents and interests. Many of the students expressed an interest in pursuing careers in the music industry, and Sami not only encouraged them but also provided some expert advice on how to proceed, succeed and get results. ”

Caroline Johnston
Reboot Plus, Douglas College

“I have seen Sami take a group of teenaged strangers all playing different instruments with different musical backgrounds from classical to rock and using his kindness, humour, and some serious know-how, had them playing together and sounding amazingly good in the space of 15 minutes. He breaks down musical theory into understandable chunks and makes them immediately applicable. He is capable of guiding and shaping artists to have real careers in the music world.”

Christina Campbell
City of Surrey


FP Music Theory Handbook

To guide students through our lessons, each student is provided with our 40+page digital FP Music Theory Handbook that we constantly reference. The handbook gives students a conversational yet detailed explanation of the theory concept covered in the lessons. Moreover, students are given in class and homework exercises to build their understanding and skills, and every month, a short “FP Music Quiz” is conducted to gauge their fundamental knowledge. In addition, every 3 months, students and parents are provided with a “FP Progress Report”. The FP Music Theory Handbook is also constantly updated and upgraded with new information, and all students are sent the new versions as they are published.


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