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Understand More, Play Better

Music theory isn’t just for experts-it helps you play with more purpose and skill. And understanding music theory isn’t just about memorizing rules—it’s about unlocking the full potential of your musical expression.

We want you to be able to master any song in any key effortlessly. And you can, if you know music theory! And the best part is, it’s so much easier than you think.  Just start from the very beginning with us and we’ll help you build and understand the fundamentals, establishing a musical foundation that you will carry with you for the rest of your musical journey! 


Sami Ghawi's FUSIONpresents courses showed me how to hear and feel music in a new way by connecting my ear and my instrument to my emotions. The courses are a true musical journey, and exactly what I needed to grow as a guitar player and songwriter.
Joe Weisberg

Discover the Secrets that will Elevate Your Playing

Go from beginner or average to amazing by understanding the basics of music. And we don’t say that lightly by the way. We absolutely believe that if you understand music theory your whole approach to playing, creating and even listening to music will be better. For one, you’ll understand why some chords work together so well and how melodies and chord progressions tell stories without a single word being spoken. Music is truly powerful, and the more you understand it, the more wonderful you’ll realize it is.  

I loved the music theory for piano course! I got the guitar course a few days ago.
Gerard Chammas

Years of Teaching have Lead to This.

Our courses are led by Sami Ghawi, the founder of FUSIONpresents and an experienced musician and educator who will guide you through each concept with clarity and expertise. Here’s what Sami has to say:

“I could not be MORE convinced of the power of knowing music theory. In fact, I took 2 university music courses that unveiled the most basic fundamentals that ALL music is based on, information that I DIDN’T KNOW, and I had already been playing piano and guitar for over 10 years! But when I learned those basic music theory fundamentals, my musical ability skyrocketed. My songwriting ability soared. My production skills improved drastically. And most importantly, I began to appreciate and UNDERSTAND music on a whole other level. It was mind blowing… and after 20+ years of teaching all that I’ve learned over my decades as a stage and studio musician and educator, I’ve put it into the most beautifully comprehensive and logical format for you to learn from me. xoxo”


Having just completed Sami Ghawi’s online courses for both piano and guitar, I am feeling grateful and enthused to spend more time putting these awesome and in-depth teachings into playful practice. I feel that the tools I’ve been given are opening many doors on my creative journey. Thank you Sami!
Brenda Sieg

Classroom-Style Learning at Your Own Pace

We’ve put a lot of effort and resources into creating what we believe is the absolute BEST way to start learning how to play the piano or guitar.  Our courses are all online, and the lessons are incredibly easy-to-follow, with exercises after each lesson to reinforce your learning.  And you do it at YOUR pace, and you can always stop, skip to next lessons, revisit previous lessons, and access it for the rest of your life. 

We WANT you to speak Music. So instead of throwing a whole bunch of information at you in one shot and yapping away leaving you lost, we literally start with a blank whiteboard screen (similar to how those great teachers you’ve had did it back in the day) and build the concepts with you as you watch them unfold and grow into a solid  musical foundation. You’ll have more Aha! moments than you could have ever imagined. 

And most importantly, it’s fun, it’s light, and it’s taught with a deep passion for music. 


I appreciate the way FUSIONpresents shares their knowledge. They make it clear to the beginner guitarists like me. I’m 67 and just starting to learn to play the guitar. I’m glad I took their course. As an educator myself I appreciate how they present their knowledge.
Mike Mcaleese
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We're Here To Help.

In the event you have questions or need clarification, our instructors will provide you with personalized feedback and support every step of the way. Simply leave comments directly on the platform and receive timely responses that will answer your questions.

Moreover, we will also be hosting regular online workshops through Zoom to our enrolled students and you’ll be able to ask in person on those calls!  

If you’re ready, let’s go!

We have found Sami to be a very compassionate and understanding coach. His love of music and teaching is evident in the manner he approaches his students.
Sujatha Menon
Music For Life

Once You Know It, You'll Never Forget It

We’re going to build such a solid foundation of music knowledge together that once you learn it, understand it and practice it, you will never forget it. 

And once you know music theory, playing your instrument will be more fun, more relevant, more intentional, even more satisfying and ultimately more freeing.   We invite you to take this incredible musical journey with us!


What do You Want to Learn?

We’ve built two amazing courses for you, one for piano and one for guitar. Both are excellent and we know that if you’re just starting out as a musician, these music theory courses will take you from average to amazing in no time.

we're here to help.

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