From Basement to Stage

So you love to play music… But are you good enough to get yourself on stage in front of a crowd of people, capture their attention for over 2 hours and leave them yearning for more? We’ll help you get there, from building your musical abilities and song repertoire to rocking out on stage.

Music Theory

Piano Keys 2

All aspiring artists in the FUSIONpresents Artist Development Program receive our FP Basic Music Theory Workbook and FP Trick Sheet as they develop their basic music theory skills on piano, guitar, bass and drums. Areas include Music: The Universal Language, The World of 7ths, Natural Chord Progressions, Groove & Rhythm, among others.  Fill out the form below to book a Music Theory Development Session now!

Music Lessons

All aspiring artists in the FUSIONpresents Artist Development Program are encouraged to develop basic performance skills in piano, guitar, bass, drums and music production. We then build upon these foundations, developing the aspiring artists’ skill mastery and musical expression through the artist’s instrument(s) of choice.  Fill out the form below to book a Musical Instrument Development Session now!


Song Repertoire


Live Performance

We help aspiring artists go “From Basement to Stage!” It’s been said that public speaking is the #1 fear amongst people. Not only do we help aspiring artists overcome stage fright, but we also show them how to ROCK. Through the FUSIONpresents Artist Development Program, we guide aspiring artists through developing rapport with and engaging their audience, on and off stage, performing their best songs, highlighting their most developed skills, performing solo and jamming with other musicians. FUSIONpresents runs weekly open jams at various all ages venues around British Columbia, Canada, all with fully furnished backline stages, giving our aspiring artists (and everyone who wants it) a chance to just show up and rock in front of a live audience!   Fill out the form below to book a Live Performance Development Session now!


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