Creative Services

For over 17 years, FUSIONpresents has been delighting its customers with reliable and high quality music services in Live Music Entertainment and Creative Content Services including song writing and development, delighting clients from companies to individuals, established and aspiring artists, families, non-profit organizations, restaurants, lounges, golf courses and for many other venues, weddings & special events!

FUSIONpresents prides itself on providing the highest quality venue management services to its clients. For 5 years, FP has managed multiple live music stages across the BC lower mainland and strives to be the #1 venue manager in the province, booking top quality and local artists and bands and curating the perfect entertainment for venue patrons, adding extraordinary value to customer experiences and ultimately building venue profitability.

Hundreds of shows and thousands of great moods, full hearts, happy ears and dancing feet. Whatever you envision for your event, we’ll help you make it happen with our top-notch live music entertainers and sound & lighting systems. From solos to full bands spanning a wide array of genres, we believe in our artists and the standard of entertainment excellence you deserve.   

Music is EVERYWHERE.  In movies, commercials, in stores, on websites, in doctor’s offices, and countless other places.  We help develop original content for both artists and companies, songs that are true reflections of themselves and their values and stories.  Learn more about our song creation and development services.   

True success in the music business comes from original songs.  As much as we love providing our clients with quality live music entertainment, performing a wide array of the biggest cover songs of all time written by our favourite artists and bands, it is those songs that made those artists the timeless legends that they are.   As such, we push our artists to WRITE. Music. Words.  And if and when they need help taking their songs to the next level, we’re here to guide them through our song development process, “From Idea to Radio.”

Our Clients

We’re so honoured to have provided our quality creative music services to so many great companies and organizations and worked with their respectively beautiful teams.  It is our privilege to continue to serve their needs with our high standard of excellence in entertainment and creative musical content.  Check out our beloved clients and their testimonials