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Senior Homes

Thanks for your interest in having FUSIONpresents provide your lovely senior residents and staff with quality music entertainment!  We pride ourselves on providing the classiest and highest level of entertainment to seniors as we know how powerful music can be in raising spirits and adding to the utmost enjoyment of life.


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Testimonials & Recommendations


Client Testimonials


“You are still the talk of the town!  Thank you so much for your wonderful energy and enjoyable talents you shared with us.  We hope you had as enjoyable a time as we did. I’m excited about bringing you here to our community at the Astoria in the near future.”

Sue Bolton, Lifestyle Consultant

Astoria Port Coquitlam

“THANK YOU for an amazing evening of music! You were fantastic and it was everything I thought it would be!”

“Looking forward to seeing you on the afternoon of the 21st.  The ladies on the shopping trip today are very happy to know you’ll be here.”

Samï Ghawï (Guitar, Piano, Vocals)

Samï is a natural when it comes to performing and entertaining. His charming stage presence and vast repertoire from the 50‘s, 60‘s & 70‘s to some of today’s most recognizable hits is the perfect entertainment offering for senior homes. Samï’s repertoire includes crowd favourites from Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin, The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel and many more.

George Kauffman (Piano, Bass, Keys, Violin, Vocals)

A master musician, arranger and performer, George is one our strongest musical collaborators, having entertained thousands of audience members around the world from Russia to Europe to the Caribbean and all parts of the Mediterranean and beyond. George’s repertoire includes hundreds of jazz standards as well as countless pop classics from all eras.  He is truly a maestro and will wow you with musical talent and creativity.  George and Sami make the perfect duo for any retirement home that houses a piano that yearns to be played and played well!  

Maya Rae (Piano, Vocals)

Maya is an exceptional vocalist who is sure to wow and delight!  With a pure, perfect pitch voice and masterful vocal creativity, 14 year old Maya is already an experienced live performer, busker and musician with a passion for performance and entertainment.  Maya is inspired by musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and modern day artists like Megan Trainor, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles and Adele.  Maya and Sami make a delightful duo that will leave you wanting more!

David Capper (Guitar, Bass, Percussions, Vocals)

David is a true entertainer!  A jazz school graduate with a vast repertoire of classics from all genres and eras, David also has an Elvis tribute that makes you wonder whether The King is truly in the building!  Whether in a duo with Sami or in a trio with both Sami and George, multi-instrumentalist David is a lovely addition to any entertainment group offering delightful grooves, harmonies and leads that take you back in time to the good ol’ days!

David Symons (Guitar, Vocals)

David Symons’ experience in the musical styles of soul, rock and rhythm & blues lends a wonderful quality to any group.  His vocal stylings shine through in every performance and his harmonies create magical moments that make you glad you were there in person listening!  When not performing with Sami and George in a duo or trio, David can be found singing with the extraordinary City Soul Choir with which he is a regular soloist.


FUSIONpresents requires and can supply, free of charge, a small sound system. This sound system is suitable for crowds of up to 100. If your crowd will be larger than 100, a larger sound system may be required and can be supplied for a nominal fee. All entertainers will provide all it’s own microphones, stands, cables and instruments.

Minimum space needed for duo to perform: 5ft x 7ft

Some of our past senior home clients:

Here are some of the excellent performers who, as solos or in duos, we trust would delight your residents and staff:

“Vocalist Maya Rae and guitarist Sami Ghawi performed recently at the Louis Brier Home and Hospital to a crowd of seniors, family members and staff.  They presented an eclectic selection of Jazz, popular tunes and old favorites. Maya and Sami captivated the crowd with their magnetic personalities, her gorgeous voice, and his beautiful guitar playing. There was not one person in the room who wasn’t clapping, tapping, singing, cheering or dancing. It was a spectacular evening.  Maya and Sami are an incredibly talented duo and their passion and enthusiasm is extremely contagious!"

Nomi Fenson,  Music Therapist

Louis Brier Home and Hospital