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FUSIONpresents offers practical and professional music training to aspiring artists of all skill levels.  At the very first artist in development (AID) session, every aspiring artist receives the FP Basic Music Theory Workbook that helps guide them through understanding, playing and eventually creating music.


All music lessons are conducted by FUSIONpresents artists, musicians, DJs and producers, all of whom are working talent in the music industry.  With the help of FP talent, aspiring artists learn valuable and practical knowledge straight from the music world and are encouraged to practice regularly and continuously strive to improve their skills.



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$60/hour Studio Lessons (1 student)

$35/hour Group Studio Lessons (2+ students)

$70/hour Home Lessons (1 student)


FUSIONpresents strives to be your choice for

music education and artist development.


Call us now at +1 778 892 7625 (ROCK) or e-mail info@fusionpresents.com


Tel. +1 604 800 0989

Tel. +1 778 892 7625

Email info@fusionpresents.com

“Sami has instructed my kids with building their Rock Band as well as guitar lessons over the past 3 - 4 years.  He's been awesome - very professional, motivating, and a fantastic teacher!.”


Judy Maunsell, Coquitlam

Sami is a terrific communicator. He has been teaching me guitar and in just a few lessons, I can see tremendous progress. His methods really work. I now look forward to practising and playing.” 


Karim Makalai,

Port Moody

“Sami has a wonderful way of teaching music to people. He is not your average "music teacher". He really gets to know the student and their personality and has fun teaching them. You can see that he just loves it when a student gets it - it is a very proud moment when they do. My daughter only knew a couple of chords prior to taking lessons with Sami. She now comes home every week with a new song to learn and improve on...”


Diane Edgar,



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FP Practical and Professional Music Lessons include:

  1. Basic Music Theory

  2. Rhythm Guitar

  3. Lead Guitar

  4. Bass Guitar - Electric & Upright

  5. Drums & Percussions

  6. Practical Piano and keyboards

  7. Royal Conservatory Piano

  8. Live Performance

  9. Song Recording & Production

  10. Song Repertoire Development

  11. Playing With Other Musicians (duo, trio, band, DJ)

  12. DJing

“Sami is the rare, rare teacher who is truly inspirational. He delights, entertains and educates, all the while deepening my children's appreciation of music. He sets a high bar, and the kids rise to it.  My boys, 9 and 14, look forward to their guitar lessons with Sami, and savor them, in a way they have never done with any other teacher or class.  I can't recommend him highly enough.”


Linda Solomon


The Vancouver Observer

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