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Maya  & Sami

Maya Rae (Vocals, Piano, Bass)

Maya’s captivating studio recordings and music videos have acquired national attention on CBC Radio, Roundhouse Radio and other social media outlets around the world.  She is recognized as one of Canada’s Top 35 under 35 Jazz Artists, releasing her first studio album entitled Sapphire Birds in 2016, and is currently working on her second studio album alongside Miles Black and many other of Vancouver’s A-list musicians.

Besides singing, Maya is also a student of the double bass and piano.

She is an experienced live performer and musician with a passion for music and performing and has been inspired by musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and modern day artists like Megan Trainor, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles and Adele.

Maya has performed on many stages and various venues including The Vancouver Jazz Festival 2013, Jazz Vespers, Pyatt Hall and Blue Frog Studios. She has shared the stage with prominent artists and musicians such as Myles Black, Cory Weeds,  Cecile Larochelle, Tim Tamashiro, Jodi Proznick, Tilden Webb, Luis Giraldo, Jesse Cahill, Eli Bennett, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, Jaclyn Guillou, and the cast of the YTV Television Show Some Assembly Required.

Check out Maya’s official webpage: www.mayaraemusic.com

Samï Ghawï (Guitar, Piano, Vocals)

Samï is a natural when it comes to performing and entertaining. His charming stage presence and vast repertoire of classic rock ‘n roll from the 50’s through to some of today’s most recognizable hits is a surefire entertainment combo for any event. Samï’s repertoire includes crowd favourites from Dire Straits, The Beatles, Elvis, Bob Marley, Billy Idol, Simon & Garfunkel, The Doors, The Police through to Jose Feliciano, Elton John, Billy Joel and many more.

Maya worked with Sami in the FUSIONpresents Artist Development Program from the age of 9 till 15.  In addition to sharing the stage, Maya and Sami are song-writing collaborators.


Samï and Maya require and can supply, free of charge, a small sound system. This sound system is suitable for crowds of up to 100. If your crowd will be larger than 100, a larger sound system may be required and can be supplied for a nominal fee. This duo will provide all it’s own microphones, stands, cables and instruments.

Minimum space needed for duo to perform: 5ft x 7ft


Tel. +1 604 800 0989

Tel. +1 778 892 7625

Email info@fusionpresents.com


Testimonials & Recommendations

What type of event are you planning?

Weddings & Receptions

Restaurants, Pubs & Lounges

I would highly recommend Sami and the group from FUSIONpresents if you need a band, however big or small, for your company Christmas party, wedding, and everything in between.

"Thank you! You were fantastic. Amazing how live music makes a difference to an event." 
Anita, Surrey Board of Trade
“THANK YOU for an amazing evening of music! You were fantastic and it was everything I thought it would be!”
Lesli Heron

Other band configurations: This group can also  be expanded to a TRIO with bass and a 4-piece with drums.

“Vocalist Maya Rae and guitarist Sami Ghawi performed recently at the Louis Brier Home and Hospital to a crowd of seniors, family members and staff.  They presented an eclectic selection of Jazz, popular tunes and old favorites. Maya and Sami captivated the crowd with their magnetic personalities, her gorgeous voice, and his beautiful guitar playing. There was not one person in the room who wasn’t clapping, tapping, singing, cheering or dancing. It was a spectacular evening.  Maya and Sami are an incredibly talented duo and their passion and enthusiasm is extremely contagious!"

Nomi Fenson,  Music Therapist

Louis Brier Home and Hospital

Thanks for your interest in the FUSIONpresents collaboration duo of 

Maya Rae & Sami Ghawi!

Watch Maya and Sami on 
The Vancouver Sun’s LIVE Facebook videohttps://www.facebook.com/VancouverSun/videos/10154293875602083/
Watch Maya and Sami on 
The Vancouver Sun’s LIVE Facebook video